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You can’t make this stuff up – Episode 117

This week Kyle covers some of the craziest stories in pro wrestling in recent memory. A stalker fan broke into Sonya Deville’s home. Dave Meltzer says that “virtually all” WWE superstars have reached out to AEW. WWE is creating the Thunderdome. All of that and more!

You can’t make this stuff up!


The End is Nigh… – Episode 97

WWE released their 2019 Q4 and 2019 year end financial report along with their 2020 outlook on Thursday. Kyle breaks down some of the important takeaways from this conference call and what it could potentially mean for the future of WWE and the WWE Network. He also hits a couple news stories and the major points from Raw and Smackdown.

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A Declaration of War – Episode 75

You remember the Monday Night Wars….well get ready for the Wednesday Night Wars! WWE announces that NXT is moving to USA Network and a 2 hour format that will go head to head with AEW!

This week Kyle and Bobby break down the huge announcement made by WWE this week about NXT and how it will affect the wrestling world. NXT and AEW share a similar fan base that enjoys their type of wrestling and storytelling. Will it divide the audience? Will NXT going live weeks ahead of AEW build the audience before AEW has its first ever tv show?

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There can be only 1! – Episode 67

The Wild Card Rule or the Brand Extension…one has to go because there can be only one! Kyle, Bobby and Chris break it all down and so much more. Here’s what is on the table for this week’s show:

  • Raw and Smackdown Live ratings continue to fall.
  • Will Fox stand for these record low ratings once Smackdown Live moves to their network this fall?
  • Jon Moxley is in the NJPW G1 Climax tournament but will not be at the Dallas show.
  • Stomping Ground predictions.


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Thank God for NXT Takeover – Episode 65

We’re posting a bit early today just to make sure you can check out the full show before Dirty Saudi Money!

The title says it all. This week the WWE didn’t give us much of anything to be positive about aside from the great NXT TakeOver XXV event. Kyle and Bobby and joined by Chris again this week to go over everything.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

  • NXT TakeOver XXV review
  • Lots of Jon Moxley news
  • Firefly Funhouse is the only good thing on WWE tv this week.
  • Kyle is sick of seeing Shane McMahon in a prime spot on WWE tv
  • Kyle rants about the ridiculous things WWE put on Raw and Smackdown Live this week
  • Kyle really HATES Shane McMahon
  • The crew preview and predict the results for the Super Saudi Money event Friday

Make sure you listen to the end as we cover a breaking story about women possibly having a match at Super Saudi Money.

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1992 Royal Rumble watch along – Episode 62

Bobby is out of the studio for the live portion of the show but have no fear, we prerecorded something fun for everyone this week. We’ll be doing our first ever watch along. We’ll be watching the 1992 Royal Rumble match! Fire up your WWE Network and watch along with us.

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WrestleMeh-nia review – Episode 57

It’s been a crazy week in wrestling. Kyle and Bobby are joined by Jon this week to review NXT TakeOver NY, WWE Hall of Fame, WrestleMania 35, Raw, SmackDown Live and preview the Superstar Shake-Up for next week. It’s a jam packed show so you do not want to miss this one!


A disturbance in the Force – Episode 44

Once again we have another jam packed episode. Join Kyle and Bobby and they take a quick look at WWE Raw and Smackdown Live before diving in and dissecting everything we’ve learned about All Elite Wrestling.


The 2018 Marky Awards – Episode 42

As 2018 comes to a close we bring to you our first annual Marky Awards. We look at the worst and even some of the best of WWE for 2018. This was a fun episode to record and we hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for all the support this year and we hope you enjoy where we take the show in 2019.