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A disturbance in the Force – Episode 44

Once again we have another jam packed episode. Join Kyle and Bobby and they take a quick look at WWE Raw and Smackdown Live before diving in and dissecting everything we’ve learned about All Elite Wrestling.


The 2018 Marky Awards – Episode 42

As 2018 comes to a close we bring to you our first annual Marky Awards. We look at the worst and even some of the best of WWE for 2018. This was a fun episode to record and we hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for all the support this year and we hope you enjoy where we take the show in 2019.


Make WWE Great Again!!! – Episode 39

From replacing the announce team to caring about tag teams and the mid card to ridding the world of gimmick themed PPVs, Kyle and Bobby discuss some ways they think could help right the WWE ship going forward.

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What we’re thankful for – Episode 37

On this week’s episode Kyle, Bobby and Josh review last Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV. With Thanksgiving being this week we talk about what we’re thankful for in WWE. We pride ourselves on being critical when it’s needed and give praise when it’s deserved so we want to share our thoughts on some positive things WWE has done this year.

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Survivor: Faces vs. Heels – Part 1


Well it’s finally here!!!! The long awaited bonus episode is ready for the world. This show has been broken down into 2 parts. Here’s is Part 1 which covers the first 8 episodes of the season. If you’re a fan of Survivor and WWE you definitely don’t want to miss this show. Part 2 will be released tomorrow…..


Wrestling With Fans Episode 9 – All In, WWE TV Deals and so much more!

On this weeks episode Kyle and Bobby discuss All In’s quick sell out and what it could mean for the wrestling business. WWE is going to be getting PAID for Raw and Smackdown Live will be hitting the open market. Ronda Rousey gets a title match at Money in the Bank? We present our WWE Network “Picks of the Week!” All that and so much more…


Wrestling With Fans Episode 8 – Freestyle!

On this week’s episode the guys tear up the format and go free style. The guys talk about Raw, Smackdown Live, the current WWE product, the big ratings drop and more. Kyle also lists off some of his favorite current wrestling podcasts. This show is all over the place so get ready!