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Thank you Taker! – Episode 131

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week Kyle breaks down SurvivorSeries 2020 and the final farewell of the deadman, The Undertaker.

It’s t-shirt warfare guys! Which brand came out on top of the fake brand supremacy? Who survived the men’s and women’s matches? Tune in to find out.

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Retribution is DoA! – Episode 122

This week Kyle breaks down the official debut of Retribution on WWE Raw. What went wrong? What the hell was creative and Vince McMahon thinking this week?

Kyle give his ideas for how Retribution could’ve debuted while keeping the wrestlers names the same, the backstories they could’ve used to have this whole think make some sense.

Clash of Champions is this Sunday and Kyle breaks down the card as it stands now and gives his predictions on who will walk out with the gold.

All of that and more on this weeks show.


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